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About Weed In Prague

Cannabis isn't completely legal in the bohemian country of Czech Republic but it's decriminalized and generally being overlooked by police if you have only "small" quantities.

In fact, under the current czech law on drugs, people can possess "not more than a small amount" of cannabis, though what constitutes a "small amount" is not specified, but it's generally understood as less than 15 grams. If caught, the fine is a slap on the hand costing you €20, and you might even get to keep the weed if you're lucky.

We cannot and won't sell you anything but we will guide you to the clubs where you can easily buy and smoke some of the best Quality Pot in Prague!
We know all the clubs and the necessary passwords to assure you'll have the best quality time in Prague!

What we provide is tour guides in English!
A sort of Prague coffeeshops tours if you will. :)

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I would recommend this to anyone going to Prague looking to have a good time and learn a lot of helpful tips.

Karim Jenna

Being from Australia where cannabis is still illegal this was a great experience for my friend and I. The guides were fantastic, there was weed EVERYWHERE. We would highly recommend this tour to anybody that is looking to have a heap of fun and we will be spreading the word back home! The BEST day!!!!!!

Alena S.

I just returned from the best vacation I have ever had. Mike and Sabina were awesome! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I did the whole tour package which included the tours and they were all so enjoyable and I actually learned something, I would definitely do them all again. The tours were SO MUCH FUN! It was great being with other people from all over the Europe who were looking for the same experience I was. The hotel they booked me at was fantastic, great customer service and location! I'm already planning my next trip in August and will be booking through them! HIGHly recommended!! :)

Erin Millner

Wow. Great experience. I loved every bit of it. The tour staff was awesome. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. Every time I visit Prague I will go again. You get to experience every side of this wonder in style. It's really an experience I believe everyone should have. Can't wait for my next trip.

Ben Owen

I highly recommend them to anyone. Fantastic on the service side of things which is most important to us. We definitely will use them again in the future.

Joe & Ann

This simply ROCKED! I have to admit, it was one of the most fun days of my life! IF you're traveling to Prague, this tour is a *MUST*!

Nicole Brennock

Best trip I ever had, blast lots of good people and very fun, would recommend must do if in Prague.

John E.

Thank you for the chance to take a tour and wealth of knowledge about Prague!

Alex Farcet

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